Overview of Events

Exterior of Tang Welcome Center inthe summer.

Bus Trips

Throughout the fall semester, the Undergraduate Admissions Office coordinates groups of high school students from the tri-state area to visit Cornell’s campus for a weekend. Our ambassadors oversee and interact with the students through student panels, meals, and hosting them overnight in dorms. It is a great opportunity to share your own Cornell experience with prospective students and help inform them as they decide on where to apply for college.

E-Team and Text Events

The E-Team is an opportunity for our ambassadors to interact with students from all across the world. Members answer questions and share their personal Cornell experiences with high school applicants, prospective transfer students, and admitted students through our official ambassador email account. E-Team opportunities arise in peak admissions season, summer break, and winter break. Additionally, we host live text chats with prospective students throughout the fall semester where our members are able to interact with students across the nation in real time.

Winter Ambassadors

During winter break, our ambassadors have the option to go to their high school and surrounding schools to share more about their Cornell experience. The Undergraduate Admissions Office provides resources and support for ambassadors. Ambassadors have the flexibility to work with their schools to plan what the best event to have would be. Some ambassadors have spoken to auditoriums filled with families, while others have set up a personal info sessions to share their experiences. This is a great way to engage with your community and friends back home.

Cornell Days

Cornell Days is the largest admitted student program in the Ivy League. Admitted students of the new class have the opportunity to visit Cornell’s campus during a 2-week period in April. Our ambassadors are in charge of planning the social media, social, and club events for admitted students. We also a large overnight hosting component throughout Cornell Days. This is our biggest event of the year and what our organization primarily focuses on over the spring semester!

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